The NarrowScan pulsed dye laser series is based on a new resonatordesign with a very narrow linewidth (< 0.04 cm-1) that has been optimized in design and specifi cations by laser experts over many years and can now be used with pump laser pulses as short as 4 ns. The laser has very rigid and massive middle and side plates, ensuring a very high stability in the oscillator and pre-aplifier.


The dimensions of the laser ousing are much smaller than before, making the new NarrowScan laser with the following options:

• Gratings: 1800, 2400, 3000, 3600 lines/mm
• Double-grating (bandwidth < 0.04 cm-1)
• Prismatic cell for high power output
• Frequency conversion units for doubling, trippling or mixing from 190 nm up to 4.5 μm
• „Look up“ table and /or autotracking for both conversion units
• Wavelength separation with two or four Pellin-Broka-Prism
• Temperature stabilization of the crystal-housing Improved Resonator Design
• vertical grazing incidence resonator
• larger tuning range
• lower bandwidth
• improved pulse to pulse energy stability
• Frequency stabilization
• Optogalvanic cell for laser calibration
• C++ or LabView software
• 4 digital and 4 analog inputs
• Online power monitoring of fundamental, doubled
and tripled laser light
• Online bandwidth monitoring with CCD-camera
• Reversed laser design
for two frequency conversion units inside the laser.

Wavelength Calibration
Online Bandwidth Control
Bethune Cell (up to 1 Joule pump energy)
Optional: Integrated Nd:YAG Laser


  • New NarrowScan
  • New Resonator Design
  • Improved Sine Drive Unit
  • Autotracking Frequency doubling, tripling and mixing
  • Wavelength Separation Unit
  • Frequency Stabilization
  • Temperature Stabilization



 NarrowScan Dimensions

Optical Layout

NarrowScan Dimensions Optical