NarrowScan DPSS / Standard / Compact

Fully integrated Laser System with Nd:YAG pump lasers

Our highly compact NarrowScan laser design makes it possible to integrate Nd:YAG lasers of the InnoLas Spitlight Series to ensure an independent and ultrastable operation.

The following laser options can be easily integrated into the housing of the NarrowScan laser to guarantee a rigid and compact structure.

NarrowScan DPSS

1) NarrowScan with DPSS laser:

Our new dye laser especially designed for pump rep rates of more than 100 Hz. This NarrowScan dye Laser was especially developed for Diode pumped DPSS Lasers by InnoLas. This DPSS Laser has an excellent cost-value-ratio, easy handling and linear configuration.

In combination with the effective resonator of the NarrowScan dye laser, conversion efficiencies of the dye of 20-30 % are reached. The configuration of the Radiant Dyes dye laser with one cuvette for the oscillator and one cuvette for the amplifier guarantees easy handling and delivers an excellent beam profile. Due to this outstanding beam profile doubling efficiencies are better than 25%.

For detailed specifications of the various combinations of the DPSS Laser and the Radiant Dyes NarrowScan dye laser please see the attached datasheet.

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2) NarrowScan with integrated Spitlight Standard

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3) NarrowScan with integrated Spitlight Compact

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