Laser Accessories for cw-dye-laser from


Accessories for cw Dye lasers
The following cw laser accessories should be used in order to achieve an absolutely steady and precise dye jet for Radiant, Coherent, Spectra Physics and for custom made laser systems.
We carry two different types of dye circulators and air cushions which were designed in such a way that vibrations due to the geared pumps can be avoided completely
This is achieved by a high efficient especially spooled cooling coil and also by the air buffer inside the stainless steel filter housing.
As in all our other dye circulators we paid attention to the exclusive use of stainless steel and synthetic materials which are not harmful to the laser dyes and withstand high pressures. Our low pressure dye circulator is the most appropriate pump for all usual applications with standing wave and ring dye lasers. For all high stabilised applications we recommend the low pressure air cushion and the 0.2 mm special dye nozzle RDSN 02 (interferometrically tested).
For all special applications where high pressure and flow rates are required we recommend the high power dye circulators and dye nozzles with different thicknesses.

RD 1000 CW
High performance gear pump consisting of: 380 Volt motor with max. 2800 rpm, up to a maximum pressure of 7 bar, max. flow rate approx. 6 l/min., integrated aircushion in the filter housing, non-ferrous metal, only stainless steel and plastics that are
resistant to all known solvents


RD 1000 CW - high pressure
High Pressure-Dye Circulator, same as RD 1000 CW, but up to approx. 13 bar


RDF 11
Filter for RD 2000 CW and RDN 2000 CW


RDF 50
Filter for Spectra Physics and Coherent dye circulators, retention rate 0,2 μm


Low Pressure Air Cushion


High Pressure Air Cushion


Low Pressure Special Nozzle. Dye jet thickness 0.2 mm for original Coherent or Spectra Physics pumped dye systems. The
nozzle can be used for pressures of approx. 12 bar, depending on high pump energies (20-25 W). So the nozzle covers almost all applications.
On request, we also deliver dye nozzles with the thicknesses 0,05; 0,1; 0,3; 0,4; 0,5 and 1 mm.