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It is now possible to order a selection of our most selling products directly online.

After placing your order, you will receive an order confirmation via email. We will contact you afterwards for payment and shipping details.


All prices are excluding shipping costs. Within Germany our standard forwarder is UPS. International shipments will be mady by TNT Express, with the exception of Australia where we use DHL. 

You can also authorise your own transportation company to pick up your order at the Radiant Dyes GmbH building. To use this option, please create a new shipment address during the order process and provide your transportation company information in the corresponding address fields. 


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  • RD-KLS
    RD-KLS 1" / 2" Flip Mount  *NEW* 

    Our Flip Mount allows the user to flip an optic out of the beam path and back again without any realignment.
  • RD-MP
    RD-MP Magnetic Plate  *NEW* 

    The stable, repeatable and better option to flip mounts. 2 plates with 3 point bases fixed by a magnet.

  • MNI Mirror Mount

    The MNI mount is a very compact mirror mount which is ideal for applications with low space.

  • MDI Mirror Mount

    The MDI is our most popular mirror mount. The mount is available with different front plates (from closed up to two inch) and two or three screws. It is our standard mirror mount which can be used for most applications in the lab.

  • MDI High Stable Mirror Mount

    The MDI-HS is the high stable version of the MDI mirror mount. The MDI-HS can be used for applications where a high stability is necessary.

  • Easy MDI Mirror Mount

    The Easy MDI is a low cost version of the MDI mirror mount. But the Easy MDI also guarantees a precise and repeatable adjustment for one inch optics.

  • Holding Forks

    RDK-1 Holding Fork, flexible and stable fixing of all RDS, RDS-G and RDS-OG post holders and pedestals through precise three-point-support. Compatible to other pedestals on the market.

  • Rotation Mounts RD-RMM-SK-1 / -0,5”

    With grub screw including a spring mounted ball for precise adjusting. Integrated notch for safe fixing. With 360° laser-engraved scale. Optics are fixed by a retaining ring.

  • RDS (Post Holder)

    The RDS-post holders (including base) are suitable for post dimensions from 11 to 15 mm diameter. Very stable through a precise three-point-support. They are compatible to posts and post holders on the market.

  • RD-GS (Posts)

    Stainless Steel Posts; posts fit to all post holders; Diameters: 0,5", 13mm and 15mm; standard M4 inside threads on the one side and M6 on the other side; one grub screw (M4) is included

  • RDS-G

    Diameter 25.4 mm; pedestal with M4 (standard) or M6 thread on top; available in aluminium, anodized aluminium or stainless steel; lengths: from 0,5" up to 6"
  • Propylene carbonate solvent

    We offer solvents in laser quality, which are the optimum solvents for Coumarine, Rhodamine and Cyanine dyes because of their high polarity.