Ti:Sa Laser

NarrowSeed 2013

Narrow-band injection-seeded pulsed Ti:Sa oscillator-amplifier laser system


  • For high resolution spectroscopy
  • Operation in the near infrared as well as in the ultraviolet and deep ultraviolet after frequency upconversion own to 20 kHz)
  • Seeded with our NarrowDiode laser or a cw dye laser
  • Stable ring cavity for the pulsed Ti:Sa oscillator
  • Multipass Amplifier for pulse energies up to 55 mJ
  • High stable Radiant Dyes mechanics

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Narrow Ti:Sa 2013

Tunable Ti:Sapphire laser system with internal doubler


  • For spectroscopy and multi-stage optical excitation
  • Tuning range: 700 nm – 1000 nm and 350 nm – 500 nm
  • Innovative mechanical design reproducible mirror exchange
  • Compact, high stable and maintenance-free design
  • High stable Radiant Dyes mechanics

NarrowTiSa 2013
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