Laser Accessories for cw-dye-laser from


Accessories for Coherent cw Dye lasers

RDU 10
Exchange Unit for the Coherent 699
Consisting of the nozzle holder and pump mirror adjustment. Exchangeable against the original unit; suitable for the original nozzle and the Radiant Dyes special nozzle

  • Exact, reproducible and straight adjustment with micrometer screws.
  • Fast dye change by exchanging the whole nozzle holder unit.
  • Adjustment without any tools.

RDE 15
Separate Etalon Mounting.
Dual-axis translation for the thin etalon; allows simple adjustment of the lasers and guarantees optimum output power.

RDJ 99 Alignment Aid
For the Coherent ring dye laser 699/21-29 for optimum adjustment of the optical axes of the different components.
Geared Pump For elder Coherent systems. For higher flow rates and pressures up to 75 PSI.

RDMA 100
Stronger magnet; up to 100 PSI pressure.

RDU10 for cw lasers
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