MDI-H with Piezodrive

Our MDI-H (high stable) with Piezodrive is a Mirror Mount which is controlled by a piezo system with our own electronic.

This is also available with a Translation Stage.

Piezodrive with MDI-H
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The operation voltage range is -10 V thru +150 V, leading to a maximum stroke of > 20 µm (typically 23 µm). The operation temperature of the piezoelectric actuators is between -50 °C and +120 °C. Maximum stroke can be performed with a frequency of 17 Hz. Smaller strokes may have frequencies up to some kHz.

The stroke has a characteristic hysteresis curve as shown in Fig. 1.

Normalized stroke/force diagram
Fig. 1: Normalized stroke/force diagram:
A for bipolar operation in the range -30 V thru +150 V,
B for unipolar operation in the range 0 V thru +150 V.